Barrhaven United Church celebrated several milestone events in 2019 including the 40th anniversary of its founding, the retiring of the mortgage, the transitioning to a new relationship with the Barrhaven Food Cupboard and delivering on its commitment in support of refugee families. The Church continued to grow in faith and service under the inspirational spiritual leadership of Rev Carla Van Delen who celebrated her second anniversary with us in September 2019.

Barrhaven United Church continued its legacy as a beacon of God’s love and grace, in the community and beyond, in 2019. This was only made possible by the generous giving of time, talent and treasure on the part of congregation members and adherents. The Church was the recipient of gifts of innumerable hours of volunteer time and over $280,760.00 derived from offerings, donations, fundraising and rentals. We are so very grateful to each of you for your faithful sharing, commitment and support. Your gifts have been invested to help us serve in five key areas: Worship, Caring and Fellowship, Learning, Outreach and Resource Stewardship.

BUC’s Worship Ministry  $33 of every $100 you gave

We gained a deeper understanding of our calling as disciples, appreciation of God’s presence and love in our lives and of the gifts entrusted to us through worship together including:
  • Inclusion of all ages in reading of scripture and skits during services to interpret the word, introduction of new characters in support of children’s time, the continuation of themed messy church sessions to engage a broader community of faith, the sharing of life event such as baptism, weddings and the celebration of the lives of loved ones, the recognition of God’s grace through communion and the blessing of volunteer and lay leadership of summer services.
We were further moved and inspired by BUC’s incredible music ministry through:
  • The joy of the children’s choir, the thoughtful and moving selection of hymns, the touching and uplifting choir anthems and the sharing of vocal and instrumental talents in support of special musical events such as the Cantata and Come Sing Noel.
  • The added joy from gifts of vocal and instrumental renditions by talented congregation members and families, especially during the summer and Advent periods.

BUC’s Caring and Fellowship Ministries $8 of every $100 you gave

We provided a listening, hopeful and prayerful presence including:
  • Home, hospital and palliative visits and a listening, compassionate, comforting presence provided by our Minister and Pastoral Care Team.
  • Weekly Prayer Circle and Prayer Shawl Ministries provided support and an exploration of the power and fulfillment of prayer.
  • Healing Pathway Ministry offered God’s healing energy to many on life’s journey.
We shared the joy of fellowship, teamwork, food and fun together including:
  • Sunday morning welcoming table, refreshments and conversation, a monthly Sunwich Lunch, Men’s Club Breakfasts, the 40th Anniversary dinner and talent show, Mayfest and Christmas Bazaars, UCW activities, summer barbecue with our Steepleview Crossing neighbours and potluck dinners.
We formed an Affirmation Working Group to embrace diversity and a sense of belonging within the BUC family

BUC’s Learning Ministries $6 of every $100 you gave

We provided a strong foundation for learning through the active participation of young families and youth in:
  • An engaging Sunday school curriculum that provided important life lessons and skills delivered by passionate and engaged volunteer superintendent and teachers while providing parents a time for quiet reflection during service.
We provided the opportunity to grow spiritually as adults and enhance our understanding of discipleship and service through:
  • Bible study classes and Book Club reviews, participation in information sessions on social justice initiatives such as food insecurity, homelessness, poverty, reconciliation with our Indigenous communities.

BUC’s Outreach Ministry  $15 of every $100 you gave

We used our gifts of time and treasure to make a difference in the lives of others in our community, nationally and internationally by contributing to:
  • The Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada and the Canadian Food Grains Bank.
  • Support of the efforts of local partners including the Barrhaven Food Cupboard and the West Barrhaven Community Garden to provide food for families in need, our neighbouring Steepleview Crossing housing development and Multifaith Housing Initiatives (The Haven and the planned for Veteran’s housing development) to improve access to affordable housing.
We worked with partners to promote human rights, diversity and reconciliation, and to support those less fortunate by:
  • Co-sponsoring refugee families during their emigration to Canada and to assist in their first year acclimation.
  • Supporting Centre 507 and area Chaplaincies to provide purpose, meaning and dignity to challenged lives.
  • Planning for the establishment of a Community Engagement Ministry.

BUC’s Resource Stewardship  $38 of every $100 you gave

We practiced careful and responsible management of our finances and people by: :
  • Volunteer lay leadership of BUC Council and its Ministries including initiation of a search process for an interim office administrator during Natalie’s pending leave.
  • Balancing budget income and expenses while protecting our charitable status.
  • Maintaining the facilities in good condition while providing fair rental value to community groups sand service providers.
  • Transitioning to a new Day Care service provider with the abrupt closure of the previous business.
  • Implementing further greening initiatives such as LED lighting and reduction in paper usage.
  • Spring and Fall Clean Ups conducted by volunteers to enhance the appearance of the facility.

Words cannot adequately express appreciation for your sharing of the many blessings in your life and the gifts entrusted to you. We sincerely hope that this brief narrative will allow you to thoughtfully consider all that has been achieved and serve to inspire you to please share as you are able and at a level that provides you peace and joy. Let’s make everyday a day of Thanksgiving because you are the answer to someone’s prayer. God bless.

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