Site Use Disclaimer

Many documents posted on Barrhaven United Church's website contain links to other websites. These links are intended to complement material on our website. These links are marked with an external link icon . Barrhaven United Church reserves the right to set the criteria for and select the links we make available on our website.

While we try to ensure that these links are in working order, we cannot be responsible for controlling the availability, accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of the information on other websites. As well, the decision to include a specific link is not intended to be an endorsement of its content or of its owner. Barrhaven United Church also assumes no responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of or reliance on such information. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children's use of these resources.

General Criteria Used for the Selection of Internet Links

Authority criteria

  • A document's author/producer is clearly identified.
  • The e-mail address or traditional contact information of the author(s)/producer(s) is readily available.
  • There is a link to a page describing the purpose/mandate of the document's originating body.

Accuracy criteria

  • The source of factual information contained within a document is clearly identified.
  • The ultimate responsibility for the accuracy of that material is clearly identified.

Overall site content/information criteria

  • The site presents useful information in an accessible and clear format.
  • Information at a specific link is more readily available there than elsewhere in the United Church.

Currency criteria

  • There is evidence that the site is updated regularly-for example, a date of last revision is indicated.
  • Barrhaven United Church staff will, as time allows, check links occasionally to ensure they are still active and relevant.

Barrhaven United Church reserves the right to base its decisions on any additional criteria that it considers relevant at the time.