Pastoral Care Team

a Caring Team in a Caring Church

The Pastoral Care team, under the guidance of our Minister, is a group of trained, dedicated Barrhaven United Church members who provide support and care to those in need. We comfort the bereaved and sick, support those in times of crisis or transition, visit, and welcome new members. Confidentiality is maintained.

You are encouraged to inform the church office, our Minister, Rev. Carla Van Delen, or a Pastoral Care member, if you, a family member or someone in our congregation would welcome a visit, prayer, phone call or assistance.

Church Office Phone: 613-825-1707

Email the Church Office at BUC office email or the Minister at BUC Minister's Email

You can get additonal information from out Pastoral_Care_Team.pdf brochure.

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Christian Meditation


Each Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm folks meet in the downstairs Healing Pathways Room for a time of silence. We begin with a brief introduction, check-in and prayer prior to 20 minutes of silence. The tradition of Christian Meditation began in the early church when leaders retreated to the desert to spend time alone or in small groups, listening for God’s Spirit.

Today we use a mantra, “Ma-ra- na-tha” (which means “Come Lord Jesus, Come” in Aramaic, the language Jesus would have used). No prior meditation practice is necessary. You are welcome to come and experience the silence without any obligation to continue.

All are welcome.

Healing Pathway

The Healing Pathway enables people to develop the gifts and skills of healing within the Christian tradition, and fosters the development of healing ministries in congregations and other communities.

The Healing Pathway practitioner serves as a vessel or conduit of God’s grace and healing energy. Practitioners are not the source of the healing energy; they are merely the instrument. The aim of healing is to restore balance and harmony within the energy system and thus enable the self-healing of the individual. To learn more about Healing Pathway please visit

Barrhaven United Church Healing Pathway Sessions are held on Thursday evenings and every second Friday. To book an appointment please contact Cathy Murphy through our church office.