Spiritual Formation — Children/Families

sunday school

Sunday School - On a typical Sunday, children attend worship with their parents for the first part of the service. Following a time with the minister or leader, the children leave the sanctuary for age appropriate learning in our downstairs classrooms. Classes begin for children in the large classroom. Here a scripture story is read and supporting activities are enjoyed. We are using the curriculum “Feasting on the Word” as a main source for our scripture based programs.

We encourage parents to give the children a small amount of change to place in the offering basket downstairs as a part of our time together. This gives children a chance to learn that sharing with others and caring for our world through our gifts, is an important part of life as a Christian.

We offer children the chance to sing. Our Junior Choir rehearses Sunday Mornings at 11:45 in the downstairs classroom. They participate in worship every four or five weeks.

Children younger than three are welcome to our nursery. The room is equipped with toys for toddlers and babies. The room is not presently staffed so a parent will need to accompany their children. An audio feed for the service is accessible in this room so that the parents can listen to the service in the sanctuary.

There are also toys available for quiet play in the narthex with chairs for parent to hear and see the service while attending to their children.

Occasionally, children will worship with the adults in the sanctuary for the entire service. These services may include singing by our Junior Choir, appearances by Coco or Thumper and other special (puppet) guests, and learning that pertains to the worship theme of the day.

‘Activity Bags’ are available at the back of the sanctuary. Look for labels to point to age appropriate bags. These may be used during the service for children that may be restless or new to the church. We ask that you please return the bags and their contents to their location following the service so that others may use them.

‘The Village’ is a quarterly newsletter that keeps our young families connected to the church when work, sports and other commitments limit church attendance.

‘Parents’ Time-Out’ is presented occasionally. Parenting support classes, an opportunity for ‘down-time’ and other needs of families is offered with child-care provided. Suggestions for programs is always welcome.

Messy Church on June 3 from 4:00PM till 6:30PM is open to all children in the community. Parents, grandparents and extend families bring the young people in your life for a time of worship, crafts, activities based on the theme for that day, and a shared meal.

messy church