The allowable capacity for BUC’s service is 50 persons minus volunteers, officiants and musicians. We strongly advise pre-registration if you plan to attend in person. NOTE: Priority for entrance will be maintained for those who have pre-registered.

BUC’s Office Administrator will receive pre-registrations for the ‘next Sunday’ service by email at (or contact us page), until 1230hs on the Thursday before the service, after which pre-registration is closed. (For those without email, a message can be left on the BUC phone at 613-825-1707 up until Thursday at 1230hs, but email is preferred). Either way, state your full name, contact phone number and the number of family members planning to attend. (Your pre-registration applies for that one week only and information may be used by Ottawa Public Health for contact tracing).


  • Non-medical masks are mandatory for those over 2 years of age.
  • Ottawa Public Health advises that you remain at home if you are 70 years old or older, immune-compromised or have underlying health conditions.


Ensure that you and your family are ALL symptom-free and have not tested positive or had direct COVID-19 contacts during the past two weeks, more at what to do, what to bring, what to expect.

Please protect yourself and others by STAYING AT HOME EVEN IF YOU HAVE REGISTERED if you or your family have symptoms, have been told to be tested, are waiting for test results, have tested positive or have had direct COVID-19 contacts during the past two weeks. (In consideration of others, if you need to cancel please let us know by email: )