Adult Study

Christian adult education is offered at Barrhaven United Church by Rev. Carla and Doug Collins, our Congregational Designated Minister. This is done through bible study, adult confirmation classes and book reviews. Each year the study plan is prepared based on consultation with various stake holders such as the Worship Ministry, Outreach Ministry and others within the church.

Presently there is a Bible Study Group that meets regularly via Google Zoom because of the Covid 19 restrictions for in person meetings at the church. This group meets weekly to review the bible versus that were incorporated into the previous Sunday sermon which often follow the Revised Common Lectionary. From time to time ideas spring from this group for other topics which are discussed within the group, or in some cases, they take on a life of their own, much like BUC Ant-Racism and Inclusion Working Group.
Planned adult study sessions are shared with the congregation by email or through Life and Work. All are welcome.