BUC Congregants’ Guide for In-person Services: What to Do, What to Bring, What to Expect

We are pleased to once again provide in-person church services at BUC. These will continue to be backed-up by on-line services for those remaining at home. At the same time, we are being extra vigilant in order to protect YOU, your family, our staff and volunteers and the congregation at large.

We request that people attending be vaccinated if possible. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms or are aware that you are at high risk of having COVID.

Mask wearing is optional at BUC. As people have different personal situations and risk tolerances, we ask you to respect the choices made by others. Hand sanitizer dispensers are located in several places in the church. Please be considerate in choosing your seat of other’s comfort levels.

We wish to be good stewards of our resources. Much of the worship service is projected on screens. Although printed copies of the worship service are available from the greeters, we encourage you to use the church wifi to follow on your device or to print the text you need at home.