Communion At BUC

Communion, Holy Communion, the Great Thanksgiving, Eucharist are all names for the ritual of sharing in the last meal that Jesus had with his disciples before his death and resurrection. Many United Church’s follow the practice of an “open table” meaning that all are welcome to come forward and to be fed at the communion table. This inclusive practice shows that all are welcome, and none are turned away from God’s grace and love. It is up to the individual to decide in their heart if they are ready to encounter God’s symbol of love on that day.

At Barrhaven United we usually celebrate communion by the dispersion of the bread and juice. Dispersion is the method where the little glasses of juice (symbolic wine) and the pieces of bread come around to you in the pews and we all eat and drink at the same time.

Passing the Peace is practiced as part of the sacrament of Communion, we humbly approach our neighbor by leaving the comfort of our seat, turn to our neighbors, grasp their hands, and speak the words, “The peace of the Lord be with you” and receive the words in turn, “And also with you.” The gesture is simple, but the meaning is profound. When we extend our hand to another, we identify with Jesus, who extended his life to the point of death to make peace with humanity. In the midst of divisions we symbolize our unity through handshakes and hugs.

Extracts of a document by Rev. Carla Van Delen Sept 2019

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