Sunday School Program

Our goal at Barrhaven United’s Sunday School is for our children to build a relationship with God through kindness, respect and fellowship towards each other and the planet
God has created. This understanding is developed through following the United Church Seasonal and Liturgical calendar, as well as the reading and discussion of Bible stories.
We work with all ministries within the church and plan special activities to facilitate learning and spiritual growth.

We put our faith into action through activities connected to the Outreach work of our church. Last year the children baked cupcakes and sold them to raise money for a Syrian refugee family to come to Canada. The children have toured the Barrhaven Food Cupboard to develop an understanding of how it works, including collecting and bagging food items. After learning about the work of the local Chaplaincies we support, the children collected and bagged toiletries for the White Gift Sunday Service.

We develop an understanding that all children have rights and needs in order to reach their dreams. ​As part of our Have a Heart Day lesson, we talked about what all children require to realize these dreams and that many First Nations children lack these things.
We made heart flowers with caring messages, highlighting these needs, that bloomed in pots in the BUC Narthex.

For many years, our children took part in fundraising for the sponsorship of a Vietnamese foster child and support of her community. Now that this child has grown, we are focussing fundraising efforts on raising money for art supplies for children in Iqaluit, so that they may have the opportunity to create and learn through their artwork.

At Barrhaven United, respect and care for the environment is very important. Children learn through activities such as the “Ottawa River Watershed” skit that was showcased during a Worship service and the planting of vegetables and plants in the community garden that they harvested and shared with the congregation.

Through all of these activities, our Sunday School children are developing an understanding of “The Web of Life” – that we are all connected to each other and all of life on our planet! We are all part of God’s creation!