Our Vision

Based on our faith in God and the role of Jesus Christ in our lives, our Vision for Barrhaven United Church is that we will be known within the community, and people of all ages and stages will feel welcome in our congregational family. Our church will be one that sustain its growth from generation to generation, representing the natural diversity of the population.

We envision BUC as having strong outreach into the local as well as global community while at the same time caring for each other. We will nurture staff and volunteers to make best use of their individual strengths and talents and maximize our collective potential. To help enrich the greater Barrhaven area, we will foster partnerships with other community leaders and strive to play a consultative role when dealing with spirituality and issues of community health and well-being.

In future years our church building will be filled to capacity during worship services and its potential capitalized through programs designed to increase the quality of life of community members. We will preserve our building to keep it clean, safe, and in good repair for use by all. We foresee a growing need to use technology and satellite facilities to increase visibility, bring the Church closer to the community, and adapt to the changing needs of society.

BUC will lead the community in worship, education, outreach, and pastoral care. Individuals and families will seek out our Church to gather and participate in joyful celebration.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

[John 8:12]

What’s Up With BUC’s Visioning?

The question guiding BUC’s visioning is  “What are we being called to focus upon, and within that, called to prioritize, as God’s people, as a church within our local and broader community, and, as a congregation?”

BUC’s six visioning sessions will take place by Zoom starting Sunday afternoon, March 28 until May 16th beginning at 1300hs as follows.  Each zoom session will be preceded by a set of about 6 Survey Monkey questions sent out the Monday beforehand.  Your survey response will feed into the congregational discussion groups, so even if you can’t participate in the following zoom discussion sessions, your voice can be heard through your survey responses.

Zoom Schedule: (Note that Easter Sunday and Mother’s Day are not included in the schedule)

Please check the website calendars for the event details.

What Do We Need To Do as a Congregation? What Do Our Local and Broader Communities Need From Us? What Does God Need from Us?
#1 – March 28 (1300hs) #2 – April 11 (1300hs)  

#3 — April 18 (1300hs)

#6 — May 16 (1300hs) #5 — May 2 (1300hs) #4 – April 25 (1300hs)

(Led by Rev Carla)

Finally, on May 30th, 1300hs, we’ll have a Congregational Talk-back to make sure that of the messages to be delivered from the congregation to Council. (And Council will then follow up with the congregation in Sept with an actions taken and planned).

Hoping to see you there!  Questions about visioning or the process, please contact Melanie Macdonald bucmembership.chair@gmail.com .  Questions about zooming or technicalities, please contact David Crowder at dmdcrowder@gmail.com

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