BUC Prayer Circle – An invitation!

You are invited to join in BUC’s Prayer Circle, led by Rev Carla, and meeting through Zoom on Mondays at 1:30pm from Sept until June 29, 2020 (statutory holidays excluded). We’d love to have you join in this thoughtful, inspiring, prayerful and supportive time together! If you wish to join Prayer Circle please contact the office to be helped set up Zoom or to have your email added to the Prayer Circle list: bucadmin@gmail.com.

NOTE: Prayer Circle will resume in the Fall on Sept 14th, 2020

In addition, are you carrying someone, some burden or some circumstance on your heart that you would like to share and have held up in prayer by BUC’s Prayer Circle? If so, send the person’s name or brief description to in confidence to melaniemacdonald@sympatico.ca. She will gather the prayers together and forward them on to Prayer Circle, which includes Rev Carla, on Monday afternoons.

NOTE: You can phrase your request by specific name or by a general description of the circumstances.

“Never underestimate the power of prayer or the gentle light of God’s love”.