May-2021 Announcement/Posting

BUC Anti-Racism & Inclusion Working Group (WG) would like to provide you with the following announcement:

  • Commencing Monday May 31, 2021 (after the Victoria Day long weekend) the WG will be offering its next 4-week themed discussion in the form of a Book Review of the book “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” by Isabel Wilkerson, with a tentative schedule outlined beside.
  • Discussions will be held Monday evenings from 7-9pm via Zoom.
  • The opportunity to assume the role of Discussion Facilitator will be open to anyone who attends this book review series, as a means of
    • encouraging / promoting diverse voices and perspectives;
    • allowing for the gifting of an acquired skill / talent (be it already established / polished, or in development);
    • managing work-load and time commitment.

This role can be assumed on one or more of the four dates listed above, and can be assumed by one or two-individual(s) on any given week.

An Open Invitation remains extended to all, to join the BUC Anti-Racism & Inclusion WG’s ongoing journey of learning and growth. For more information, please contact Heather at


2021-05-24 VICTORIA DAY
2021-05-31 Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents (book review):
Part-1 Toxins in the Permafrost & Heat Rising All Around
Part-2: The Arbitrary Construction of Human Divisions
2021-06-07 Part-3: The Eight Pillars of Caste
Part-4: The Tentacles of Caste (chapter-10 to 13)
2021-06-14 Part-4: The Tentacles of Caste (chapter-14 to 18)

Part-5: The Consequences of Caste

2021-06-21 Part-6: Backlash
Part-7: Awakening
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